Dassault Systèmes develops modeling and 3D simulation softwares, contributing with SolidWorks licenses that are used in all our projects.


Using Solid Works, one of the leading 3D modeling softwares in the market, the team focuses in modeling its aircrafts as precisely as possible. By modeling all part's details thoroughly, modifying the materials to better fit our standards and planning the construction process step by step, the team is capable of achieving results compatible with a real-life experience.

Next Limit Technologies provides simulation technology for a wide range of applications in the fields of computer graphics, science and engineering. It has conquered a vast reputation for it’s high quality simulation softwares. The company has been helping AeroRio’s team in the main stages of the project, contributing with licenses for the softwares XFlow and Maxwell.


  • XFlow: provided by Next Limit Technologies, XFlow allows the team to simulate with accuracy  the aerodynamic surfaces of  the aircraft, using the Lattice Method –Boltzmann. This state-of-the-art tool is one of the major boosters for the team’s success in these last years.
  • Maxwell Render: One of the best softwares available in the market when it comes to rendering. Next Limit Technologies has released this software for the team, allowing us to reach new levels of perfection in render’s presentation and disclosure of aircrafts.





GRABCAD  ensures access to its collaborative tool, allowing several team members to organize themselves in an efficient manner during the aircraft's modeling step. Thanks to this contribution, the team has online backups of all projects  involved, allowing a greater safety for essentials archives.

4D Systems is a global leader in the research , development and manufacture of intelligent graphics solutions, having contributed with unique, innovative and cost effective modules and graphics processors.  Thanks to this contribution, the team could create an quality embedded systems and guarantee the award for best embedded systems, in the 2016 competition.

TekBond is reference on manufacturing and importation of adhesive products, instantaneous adhesive, etc. The product that the team most use is the Cianocrilato, thanks to its fast adherence in all types of materials that is perfect to the aircrafts construction.

Kontronik GmbH is a Germany company, recognized worldwide for quality of its electric motors and drivers. To ensure a good performance  in the competition, sometimes requires some unconventional  solution. Thereby,

Kontronik helped us with the provision of a very efficient motor, custom made for our aircraft.


National Instruments develops cost effective software and modules hardware, contributing with LabVIWE license. Thereby, the team is able to test there aircraft components in a highly productive development environment, for the creation of custom applications that interact with the real world data or signals.


Tassinari Cafés is a brand of specialty coffees produced and roasted in Rio de Janeiro. Of Italian tradition, the Tassinari family has been cultivating for more than 30 years grains of exceptional quality with all the care of selection, monitoring and roasting to bring to the Rio market a gourmet and special taste coffee. The Tassinari, more than anything, it makes a good souvenir on the palate, one that only a good coffee can make.

Drotek is a French company experts in embedded intelligence, high-end electronics, and radically optimized mobile/cloud apps for autonomous objects