As drone technology evolves and becomes an increasingly popular technology to both professional and consumer-level users, AeroRio, after years of autonomous flight research and development, broadens its efforts and knowledge over to the multirotor field.

We strive to deliver state-of-the-art technology to our university’s various departments.



Aerial Footage

Adapting existing technology to the university needs, we train students and develop easy-to-use drones, with long endurance and stunning high definition footage.




Photogrammetry is the mapping of regions and various terrains. This service does not require a gimbal-equipped drone and thus the multirotors can be even more lightweight, delivering long-lasting flights and high resolution textures.




Mapping may use drones of various types, not just multirotors. If it’s needed to map a small area with a lot of vegetation or very steep terrain, as a hillside for instance, the multirotor is the best option. For larger areas and extended crops, fixed-wings UAVs can also be considered.